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Corporate Compliance Insights: 7 Crucial Steps To Improved Internal Investigations

When allegations of misconduct are raised, leadership should quickly turn its attention to an internal investigation. Depending on the nature of the supposed wrongdoing, the matter may need to be investigated quickly. Read more

Financier Worldwide: Ongoing Risks in China

Conducting business in any country without doing appropriate homework beforehand can be perilous. Every country has its own set of problems, and that certainly includes the US. Read more

Compliance & Ethics Professional: Procurement fraud booming in emerging markets and costing billions

In began my career investigating corruption within the New York City government. One of my first cases involved a vendor bribing a city procurement official to win contracts worth tens of thousands of dollars to perform maintenance in city-owned buildings. Read more

Today’s General Counsel: How to Conduct a Successful Internal Misconduct Investigation

Organizations of all sizes confront issues of misconduct, and there is a specific path that investigations should follow in order to determine if misconduct allegations have merit. Read more

Financier Worldwide: Procurement fraud – an old fraud flourishing in emerging markets and costing businesses billions

Procurement fraud is likely one of the oldest frauds that companies must confront. In recent years, this fraud has flourished in emerging markets. Whether in a public or private setting, procurement fraud is often ‘quid pro quo’, whereby a favour or advantage is given in exchange for something. Read more


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Financier Worldwide: What makes some organisations great at compliance

For those who want to do right, and focus on compliant conduct for employees and business partners, this can mean more profits, less headaches and better business results. Read more

Compliance & Ethics Professional: FCPA Due Diligence: Starting 2017 on the Right Note

Effective Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) due diligence processes require thought and consideration of risk. Read more

Building a Solid Compliance Program

How can employers avoid being the target of a government investigation stemming from a hotline call to the Securities and Exchange Commission? Read more

Financier Worldwide: M&A and FCPA Due Diligence – The Stakes are High

The stakes are high when orchestrating an acquisition or retaining third parties to represent your business, especially outside the US. The lack of proper due diligence can cost an organisation money and reputation. Read more

Research & Investigation Report

Business transactions and investment opportunities require more than a review of the balance sheet. Read the Research & Investigation Report to learn from our experience. Read more


Corporate Compliance Insights: 5 Ways Global Organizations Can Remain FCPA Compliant

Recently, HSBC announced that it was under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its hiring practices in Asia. HSBC’s practice of hiring employees based upon their ties to government officials may violate the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Read more

Corporate Compliance Insights: Risky Business

There has been increasing use of offshore jurisdictions by third-party vendors to elude taxes and hide illegal or unethical conduct, including bribes and kickbacks. Read more

ACFE Insights: 5 Ways Global Organizations Can Remain FCPA Compliant

Hiring for global employees may create liability, but with good due diligence and effective compliance policies, you can protect your organization. Read more

Third Parties Increasing Use of Off-Shore Havens

by klinkco
In this compliance update we analyze the increasing use of off-shore jurisdictions by third party vendors to elude taxes and hide illegal or unethical conduct, including bribes and kickbacks. Read more

Why Audits Don't Catch Fraud: The So-Called "Expectation Gap"

by klinkco
Effective compliance programs catch fraud, not expensive audits. What are the four tactics to reduce fraud and assure effective compliance? Read more

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Workzone: Ex-prosecutor learned a lot as "college kid" at U.S. Steel's Clairton coke plant

Jeff Klink
The following article was originally published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on July 12, 2016. Former federal prosecutor Jeff Klink, who routinely deals with ex-Russian police officers and other gritty characters in ferreting out overseas fraud for Fortune 500 clients... Read more

DOJ Reports on States' Criminal Records Shortcomings

The latest Survey of State Criminal Record Repositories released by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) makes clear that relying on a single source of information can be fatally flawed. Read more

Corporate Compliance Insights: How The West Can Win

by klinkco
The following article was originally published in Corporate Compliance Insights on January 12, 2016. Read more