KlinkSMART technology to mitigate your organization risks

KlinkSMART is more than just an online platform spitting out data. KlinkSMART is a user-friendly and secure portal created by compliance professionals that mitigates organizational FCPA, M & A, and other risks by Screening, Managing, Analyzing, Reporting, and Tracking third parties. The portal is not just a technology tool; it is an integrated solution backed by a team of compliance and research experts with over 150 years of experience.
KlinkSMART and its professionals support clients with risk identification and mitigation. Our clients have unlimited access to our professional compliance experts, including former federal prosecutors, chiefs of compliance, university faculty, former FBI agents, and many other professionals. These experts are available to our clients by email or by phone, at no additional cost, to help clients understand how to avoid criminal prosecutions, regulatory actions, and costly litigation.
Since 2001, Klink & Co. professionals have conducted thousands of due diligence and fraud investigations in over 100 countries. Use our team and KlinkSMART technology to mitigate your organization risks.

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