Computer Investigations

Recovering Data

We recover data, even after it has been deleted and appears to be lost. Our experts can retrieve and analyze information from hard drives, servers and other electronic devices. 

Our Services

We can help you with:
  • Theft of intellectual property or trade secrets through the use of computers and other media
  • Unauthorized internal and external intrusions of networks
  • Inappropriate and illegal use of the Internet
  • Harassment or threats levied against a company and/or its employees by e-mails
  • Fraud, theft, corruption and other illegal activity orchestrated through the use of electronic devices

Our Experts

Our experts, who have testified in federal and state courts, can untangle the digital evidence that may be encrypted, hidden and/or deleted, and properly preserve it for potential criminal or civil matters. We can also provide clients with the professionals to efficiently and effectively meet the objectives in response to, or requests for, digital discovery.

With greater dependence on computers and electronic devices comes new security risk and challenges. Litigation matters today are almost exclusively reliant upon the services of computer forensic experts. Employees violating laws and company policies use their phones, laptops, notebooks and other devices to further their schemes.

Our computer forensics experts perform and support investigations of all types, including:
  • Fraud
  • Civil Rights
  • Litigation Support
  • Violations of Non-Compete Agreements