Coronavirus (COVID-19)

KLINK is is closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on global business. Our team is ready to provide support to the businesses negatively impacted by this novel virus.

CARES Act Compliance Assistance

The Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act – simply known as the CARES Act – is a bipartisan stimulus package aimed to assist individuals and businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19. SBA lenders will play a substantial role in granting loans and providing relief but also must comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and other compliance obligations. Some lenders may not have the necessary technology and resources needed to perform due diligence.

KLINK is supporting these lenders with our web-based due diligence portal, KLINKsmart. This essential compliance tool helps organizations of all sizes that must comply with a host of regulatory obligations.  KLINKsmart performs hundreds of due diligence and KYC searches each day, pulling data from thousands of databases to determine if a business is legitimate. Our research findings are analyzed by team members expert in identifying fraud, misconduct, and assisting with compliance.