Forensic Accounting

Identifying & Detecting Fraud

Our experienced accounting professionals provide forensic accounting services and lead fraud investigations.

Detecting, quantifying and proving financial fraud and misappropriation goes well beyond the scope of a traditional audit. We have significant experience in performing forensic accounting investigations of individuals and companies.

Our professionals include Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners and others skilled in the science of detecting fraudulent activity and preparing evidence for litigation. If you suspect or seek to prevent fraudulent activity, theft or loss, you can rely on our tem to work with you to effectively, confidentially and professionally get the information you require. We can also assist with the potential recovery of assets and conduct remediation analysis to help prevent future losses.

What We Do

Our forensic accounting investigations focus on:
  • Civil and criminal fraud investigations
  • Identification and resolution of employee misconduct, expense account fraud, kickbacks, and procurement and vendor fraud
  • Damage and loss calculations
  • Interviews
  • Computer forensics
  • Insurance recovery strategies
  • Implementing controls to prevent future losses

Our Results

A public company retained Klink to investigate an executive following a hotline report that the executive was taking kickbacks. Our forensic accounting review proved that millions were diverted from the company into the pocket of the vendor and the agent.