Internal Investigations

Our Experienced Team

Our experienced team of legal and law enforcement professionals has a proven track record of conducting successful internal fraud and corruption investigations.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes:
  • former prosecutors
  • research analysts
  • forensic accountants
  • computer experts
Our experts have helped unravel fraud, embezzlement, theft of trade secrets and kickback schemes.

Our professionals have interviewed thousands of witnesses, convincing many to admit to fraud, embezzlement, receipt of kickbacks and workplace threats. Our research analysts have identified conflicts of interest, criminal records, litigation filings, asset searches and more.

We have performed highly-sensitive investigations of employees, corporate executives, board members, third-party vendors and others for violations of company policies and procedures, civil rights laws, federal and state criminal laws, and EEOC regulations. We also have performed hundreds of investigations related to enforcement of non-compete agreements.

Our Results

When a large retail chain suspected a purchasing agent of receiving kickbacks, we put our team in place. A former prosecutor led the team and coordinated the investigation. Interviews were conducted of knowledgeable executives and employees by our investigators. Forensic accountants found that the purchasing agent had embezzled millions through a detailed review of invoices and company records.

Our research analysts determined that the guilty purchasing agent had opened a Swiss bank account and had bought a million dollar house. Our computer forensics experts imaged and analyzed computer data, revealing a long-standing personal and criminal relationship between the vendor and the purchasing agent.