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Intelligence Intelligence


Navigate the complex world of global business effectively and efficiently with actionable intelligence. Our human driven analysis removes the false positives and faulty information. 

Due Diligence Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Understand the histories and reputations of potential business partners around the world. We conduct research in English and local languages to catch potential red flags before it’s too late. 

Litigation Support Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Win your case.  We support counsel engaged in litigation by examining the backgrounds of jurors, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and providing expert witness testimony.

Investigation Investigation


Protect your most valuable assets, including your reputation. Our in-depth investigations discreetly eliminate threats against misconduct, theft, and collusion. 

Compliance Compliance


Enforce solid compliance programs that adhere to state, federal and global regulations. Partner with us to bolster your compliance organizations with the right information at the right time to make sound business decisions.   


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Jeffrey Klink

Jeffrey Klink

Founder and CEO
Tracy Pastrick

Tracy Pastrick

EVP and General Counsel
David Nolan

David Nolan

EVP, Global Risk Solutions

Global Leaders

Our team of intelligence experts support clients in more than 100 countries annually. A unique blend of former federal prosecutors, trial lawyers, compliance officers, and financial analysts combine their skills to provide unparalleled results. 

Meet the Team


Renowned litigator Tom Melsheimer of Winston and Strawn and his team win the biggest cases and use KLINK to perform vital litigation support services. Described as “one of the most sought after trial lawyers in the country” by The American Lawyer, Tom uses KLINK to do what he does best, win.
Litigation support projects are at their heart, all about fact finding that gives an edge to litigators. KLINK’s former trial attorneys and research analysts are experts in supporting lawyers engaged in important litigation. Whether supporting a theft of intellectual property matter, helping a firm enforce an ITC order, or assessing the resources and activities of litigants, our team is peerless.  Use the firm that the winners choose – KLINK.

KLINKsmart Due Diligence Portal

Smarter Due Diligence

KLINKsmart is not just an effective technology tool; it is also an integrated solution backed by a team of compliance and research experts with over 150 years of experience.

The portal eliminates hours of wasted time by removing false positives, duplicates and inaccurate information provided by others.

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