About Us

KLINK is an international business intelligence firm proactively and confidentially uncovering fraud, fictions and phantoms before they become financial, legal or public crises.

Our Mission

KLINK is a corporate intelligence firm advising large corporations and law firms. Because the cost of finding out, of being informed, of seeing behind the curtain, is vastly more economical than the alternative. We deliver timely, accurate, and actionable information so our clients can maximize opportunities and mitigate risks. Never guess when you work with KLINK. 

Our Story

Founded in 2001, KLINK continues to serve organizations in a wide range of industries including, life sciences, technology, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, apparel, finance, higher education, and pharma.  

  • Our due diligence in China and Brazil saved an Austrian hedge fund $500 million. 
  • Our investigation stopped a $3 billion kickback scheme in Asia.  
  • Our intelligence gathering in China helped a client win a major patent infringement case.  
  • Our litigation support helped a law firm win an acquittal in a US criminal case.
  • Our in-person and on-line compliance training helps organizations comply with anti-bribery laws. 
  • Our fact-finding proved that a tenured professor falsified his credentials. 

We make a difference. Our team of former federal prosecutors, global analysts, trial lawyers, compliance officers, and financial experts annually support clients in more than 100 countries.

Our Process

KLINK utilizes a unique approach to deliver tailored solutions. We combine database research with on-the-ground resources to deliver unparalleled information and guidance. Our intelligence is strengthened by the experience of our subject-matter professionals. 

To better serve our clients, KLINK developed a superior third-party due diligence management system. KLINKsmart is fully customizable, making it the smart choice for organizations managing due diligence and compliance requirements. The portal is easy-to-use, cost-effective, and delivers accurate information.

Our Clients

KLINK advises large global companies covering every sector and industry.
  • 80% are headquartered in the United States and operate globally 
  • 20% are headquartered in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East
  • We serve investment professionals from banks and funds
  • We serve HR, compliance, and internal audit professionals
  • We serve in-house counsel and law firms 

Client Testimonial

“My colleagues and I have used KLINK since 2001.  The skills of Jeff Klink and his team are unmatched. They are savvy, creative, and relentless.  Whether finding obscure facts to save a client tens of millions of dollars, or helping us win big cases, they always deliver.”

Tom Melsheimer, Managing Partner, Winston & Strawn