Litigation Support

Accurate Information

Klink & Co. provides comprehensive litigation support services and forensic accounting services. We have uncovered facts that have made the difference in winning and losing critical motions, hearings and trials.

Through research, interviews and surveillance, we obtain and analyze important facts to ensure our clients are making the best decisions and have the most accurate information when confronting business problems, disputes and litigation.

We perform detailed background investigations on deponents; evaluate the motives, histories, goals and resources of litigants; find the facts to impeach witnesses; and interview essential client witnesses. 

Case Highlights

When a public technology company was sued for infringement in federal court in Texas, we found facts that supported a successful motion to dismiss the complaint.

When an Asian manufacturer was considering bringing an infringement suit to protect its IP, we found that another Asian company was improperly bringing its technologies into the United States. 

When a law firm representing a trustee needed to find out what happened to certain valuable equipment, we found that the other side had stolen it and moved it to the Middle East. Our client prevailed in a European court.

When a major university successfully defended its termination of a tenured professor, we were credited by a federal judge with showing that the professor had falsified his credentials.