A Global Leader

KLINK is committed to providing clients with the information needed to ensure they are making sound business and investment decisions. Explore our service areas and connect with us to learn more about additional offerings.  

By performing due diligence on third-parties, investigating claims of misconduct involving bribery, corruption, conflicts of interest, kickbacks, and fraud, helping to improve internal controls, and providing training to employees and vendors, we successfully protect our clients’ needs in over 100 countries every year. Read More 

KLINK has helped multinational clients significantly reduce their corruption and fraud risks. Our professionals have worked on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and related matters in over 100 countries. Read More

Our experience team provides results by researching strategic background information, analyzing company litigation and financial records, conducting comprehensive asset searches, verifying employee backgrounds, identifying compliance risks and more. Read More

The KLINK team has helped unravel fraud, embezzlement, theft of trade secrets and kickback schemes. Comprised of former prosecutors, research analysts, forensic accountants and computer experts, we have a proven track record of conducting successful internal fraud and corruption investigations. Read More

KLINK provides comprehensive litigation support services and forensic accounting services. We have uncovered facts that have made the difference in winning and losing critical motions, hearings and trials. Read More 

Our team is comprised of former senior law enforcement agents of the U.S. CBP, Department of Justice, Hong Kong police, as well as expert research analysts and field investigators. Together they can obtain the evidence, track components and finished products from manufacturing facilities to assembly plants and beyond. Read More