We develop corporate intelligence used to assess the activities of competitors, supply-chain partners, vendors, governments, and more.  We produce actionable information relied on by publicly-traded corporations, law firms, private companies, universities, and others as they enter new markets, use agents or distributors to make sales, interact with government officials, and all in places that present risks that were never encountered before.

KLINK guarantees discretion and confidentiality in every project we undertake.  

Intelligence Service Offerings

  • Theft and Infringement of Intellectual Property
  • Market Entry Assessment
  • Identification of Partners
  • Political Risk Assessment
  • Security Risks
  • Local Cultures and Practices Analysis 
  • Competitive Intelligence   

Helping Clients Around the Globe

KLINK’s intelligence team is comprised of experts covering six continents.  Our teams based in New York, Hong Kong, Pittsburgh, Mumbai, Moscow, Jakarta, Spain, London, New Delhi, and Rio cover the world.

Our experts speak Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Spanish, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Dutch, and many more languages. We work in more than 100 countries, including:

Argentina Greece Poland
Australia Hong Kong Portugal
Austria Hungary Romania
Azerbaijan India Russia
Bangladesh Indonesia Saudi Arabia
Belarus Iraq Sierra Leone
Belgium Ireland Singapore
Brazil Isle of Man Slovak Republic
British Virgin Islands Israel South Africa
Bulgaria Italy South Korea
Canada Japan Spain
Cayman Islands Jordan Sudan
Chile Malaysia Sweden
China Mexico Switzerland
Colombia Moldova Taiwan
Costa Rica Monaco Thailand
Czech Republic Mongolia Turkey
Denmark Morocco Ukraine
Egypt Netherlands United Arab Emirates
Estonia New Zealand United Kingdom
Ethiopia Nigeria United States
Finland Norway Vietnam
France Pakistan Zimbabwe
Germany Panama  
Ghana Philippines