Smart Due Diligence

KLINKsmart is an enhanced risk-based due diligence portal that screens, manages, analyzes, reports and tracks third-party activity. The portal is fully customizable, making it the smart choice for meeting your organizations due diligence and compliance requirements. KLINKsmart is easy-to-use, cost-effective, and delivers accurate information. 

KLINKsmart eliminates the hours of frustrating and confusing work removing false positives, duplicates and inaccurate information provided by the raw data industry.

Never Guess

KLINKsmart produces high-quality reports by combining traditional database research and hands-on analysis. We never provide raw data, but instead analyze a vast amount of records to remove false positives and duplications. This process clearly identifies any red flags and adverse information and accurately communicates to its partners.

Portal users can enter research requests, designate report level, review status and download complete reports. KLINKsmart currently offers four levels of reporting:

  • Level One – A first-level due diligence process that removes false positives and duplications while identifying adverse information and red flags.  

  • Level Two – An enhanced due diligence process that builds upon Level One findings. This captures additional information about operations and corporate structure.

  • Level Three – A combination of Level I and II research. Information can be gathered from English sources as well as translation from other local languages. 

  • Level Four – A comprehensive process that builds upon gathered research by adding on-the-ground intelligence from discreet interviews and site visits.

Experience KLINKsmart

Our compliance professionals are ready to assist. Contact us for a demonstration of the KLINKsmart portal.