KLINK Celebrates 20 Years as Your Global Business Intelligence Partner

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Pittsburgh, PA, September 13, 2021—KLINK is celebrating 20 years as a premier global business intelligence partner.  

“I am extremely proud of what our team has accomplished over the past 20 years,” said Jeffrey M. Klink, KLINK founder and CEO. “I have been blessed with a team of excellent professionals who have helped us to build an unparalleled business intelligence powerhouse.”

“Our future has never looked better as large global organizations have come to learn that we provide tailored solutions that the bigger names in the market cannot replicate.” 

KLINK is a global provider of intelligence, litigation support, third-party management, due diligence, anti-corruption, compliance, and complex investigative solutions. KLINK advises the world’s largest companies and organizations on six continents on matters of importance, including on mergers and acquisitions, supply-chain management, bet the business litigation, material fraud, and other matters.

KLINK is an international business intelligence firm proactively and confidentially uncovering fraud, fictions, and phantoms before they become financial, legal, or public crises. Since 2001, KLINK advises organizations in every sector regarding important matters in more than 100 countries annually. Never guess when you work with KLINK.